Single entry point on NGINX

Does Hestia apply different conf files from /home/…/web/…/nginx.conf ?
I tried to add

location = /robots.txt {
  	 deny all;

but robots.txt always accessible. I trying to apply single entry point by adding

location / {
  	 try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php?$query_string;

and it doesn’t work too
What I do wrong?

I strongly suggest to NOT manualy edit the files inside of the conf directory, expect you know what you’re doing - otherwise they will got overwritten within the next hestia update.

Please do a copy of your template (you’ll find them in $HESTIA/data/templates/web/) and adjust the relating part.


Usual configs like /etc/nginx/nginx.conf will also be overwritten when the hestia is updated?

Where can I save the settings I need so that after the update everything remains in its place

No, only configs in /home//conf/web/.

As written above, in a own custom template.

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