SMTP Server relay

Good afternoon friends!
Please tell me how to set up the SMTP server
I would like to use a HCP mail server for third party software
To do this, I set up on the mailing software a mail account hosted on a server running HCP, an mail account: login, a password, and an SMTP server address and port.
The server rejects the application’s attempt to use SMTP to send the email.
Please tell me the rules for setting up the SMTP server for use by third-party software.

Thanks Best regards

Check your logs . It should provide more info.

To use the SMTP server for a third party service to send mail, do I have to use the SMTP Relay option?
In the mail domain settings
Or is it enough to specify the account details, port and everything should work?

If I simply specify the account details and the SMTP server address and port to a third-party service, then when I try to send a message, it returns an error in the log

TLS error on connection from [45...203] (gnutls_handshake): The TLS connection was non-properly terminated.