Softaculousf migration and alternatives?

So I read on another thread that the Softaculous integration is not planned to be added into Hestia so I have a couple of quesitions.

Will the sites that I have installed using Softaculous on my current Vesta server installation migrate over and function when I migrate (restore from backup) over to Hestia?

Is there an alternative to Softaculous that is compatible with Hestia?

I believe that you can safely backup/restore the users from Vesta to Hestia. The web applications already installed by Softaculous I believe will be transferred over to Hestia via the restore process.

As for Softaculous alternative, I don’t know if there is or will be any.

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No thirdparty software, but we provide a own webapp installer with a few apps including wordpress.

So Hestia is building it’s own? I can understand that. From the previous thread on the Softaculous subject you mentioned Ioncube. That wouldn’t be for the purposes of running 3rd party php add-ons encrypted would it? As a method of inserting but isolated 3rd party or is it really just strictly for protecting Hestia coding?

Also, would your webapp installer be accessible to the clients? The concept being as simple as the ability for each client to quickly and easily build a website without having to go anywhere else. A basic service that nearly all hosting service providers have be it full of advertising links or not. I can always tack on “customization services” for whatever basic site they’ve begun and hopefully has a basic structure that gives any developer a good foundation on where to begin but the more options they have to building their initial site the simpler it’s to get them the last mile. The devil is in the details and ultimately where the bulk of work will be done but the least amount of deviation from each customer’s vision of their website.

Yes “Quick” installer is available for Clients.

Adding Softaculous would require additional package and the free “license” is missing Wordpress.

I think 90 % of the users are currently using Wordpress as main setup. So instead of forcing our users to buy an plugin we offer the system our self.

The current options are really limited but can be expanded over time…


any docs available about the script installaer? I can also help to add some scripts :slight_smile:

No not yet …Check Wordpress / Laravel for how to…

Fantastic, instead of rent Softaculous just for WordPress only, one single click is a grace for us.

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