SSL configuration with 1 domain and 2 aliases

I successfully installed Hestia CP on an Azure Ubuntu 22.04 VM and configured DotNet Core scripts from GitHub - gabatronic/hestia-netcore: Templetes for HestiaCP to allow run Netcore apps through Ngnix Proxy. I added a domain with two aliases configured via the Godaddy control panel with cname. Configured NopCommerce 4.60.2 with a multi-tenant plugin. I also bought a multi-domain positive SSL certificate from and installed it.

After the above procedures, the sites are working perfectly without SSL. When I installed the certificates via hestiacp, only the main domain used the certificate; other aliases did not identify the certificate.

I tried to configure the Let’s Encrypt certificate instead, but an error occurred: “Let’s Encrypt validation status 400. Invalid response from [domain]/page-not-found: 404”