Ssl issue with firefox

today half of my domain’s ssl certificates are not recognized by firefox ;/

left woks right not

any idea why this browser does not recognize some certificates?

Hi @daffyy

Which domains namely do not work? Do you encounter the very same issue in Chromium?

Could you please try creating new Firefox profile using Profile Manager?
You can do so by executing the following command: firefox --new-instance --ProfileManager

Let us know the results.

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Nvm, when i came back and turn on browser again all works :open_mouth: maybe problem with update, ff now is in newer version, but why ff not downloaded update before, hmm

just to add: if you had that tab open with an old or self-signed cert before and only after that renewed the cert (or set it for hestia via cli) usually your browser will recognize the new cert just fine but still keep the warning in the address bar because of the way it was before. closing the tab and reopening it freshly should do the trick.