SSL Not Installed

My Site Connect on Server

But When Try to Install SSL it’s shown error, i’ve try after remove Aliases (www) but not Working
Screenshot (4)

I’ve Used Cloudflare and all my sites working, but i’ve try all things on this site but ssl not Installed… :frowning: please help me

always use the search function first! Search results for 'dns record doesnt' - Hestia Control Panel - Discourse

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I Don’t Install DNS Server on my Panel…

Please Check this

Even we check if the dns record exists

Run nslookup on your server it should return an ip address

Also making a screenshot and making a line trough it doesn’t solve to hide the DNS server.

Its Showing Wrong IP

PHP 5.6 is Missing…
I think Missing PHP 5.6 is the Problem… can i go rebuild my server again??

v-add-sys-web-php 5.6




It should work now …


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