SSL not working on domain and server

Alright, first time here and this forum and using hestiacp as well, so bare with me plz!
how to enable Lets encript ssl on the server host ip FQDN? ex:, i did enable on the domain section of hestia but still showing “Not secure connection”. thank you

Probaly chrome is showing you the cert as invalid due to his own cache. Please try to use incognito mode and also verify your ssl certificate on a external service like: or

hi man, do you know why some navigators show ssl ok and others not ok ?
chrome always ok
firefox always ok
edge never ok when i installed a website
opera never ok when i installed a website

and after a time, the show ssl ok…i dont understand, i did this tests, and its ok the ssl…

do you know something?

i check all lets encrypt boxes…im using cloud flare complete strict to all websites…
i fell that need to use a time the website to accept the ssl…

i descrybed the problem its the elementor…need a redirect on elementor…forget the problem…