Ssl port error 8083

hello could you help me I have my main domain which is that works perfectly with ssl but when I try to enter with the port I get that the ssl certificate is not valid, I hope your help, thanks.

Hello Raul,

Please follow the steps here

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Thank you very much, how can I add ssl to webmail?

Click on edit your mail domain, then tick ssl support and if needed lets encrypt support then click on save. Be sure you’ve created the records for let’s encrypt which will show up in the information box.

So do I have to add the domain on the webs? I just started using your “hestiacp” program today, so I have several questions, hope you can help me, thanks

No, you just need to create the dns record pointing to your server ip for mail.domain.tld and webmail.domain.tld.

yes thanks I already did it, excellent hestiacp :smiley: