Template Options Missing As Normal User After Restore

I’ve restored a user to a fresh install of Hestia on a new VPS.

When I log in as a normal user, under Advanced Options for a web domain, the template options are missing (both web and backend).

Also, when I try to save a domain, I get an error “Error: web template doesn’t exist”.

However, when I log in as admin and switch to a normal user, all the options are there. And I can save the domain without errors.

When I run “v-list-web-domains USER”, all the domains appear under that user.

I get a feeling that when I did the restore, some permissions got borked. Can anyone suggest some further troubleshooting steps?

Check if the templates exists in /usr/local/hesita/data/template/web/nginx/php-fpm or /usr/local/hesita/data/template/web/nginx/ or /usr/local/hesita/data/template/web/apache2 or /usr/local/hesita/data/template/web/apache2/php-fpm depending on your setup

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They exist because when I log in as admin and switch to a normal user, I can see and use them.

When I log in directly as a normal user, the template options are missing.

Go to “Server” → Configure → security → Policy

At this point, it’s a default installation. I haven’t changed any settings (other than things like admin passwords).

Regarding the Security Policy, it’s yes across the board. The user has permissions to do everything.

Same issue here after automatic update from 1.3.5.