Templates - custom include config -backup

Hello all!

I’ve just switched over to a new Virtual Server provider and just been setting up the newest hestia version.
It’s amazing to see how the migration works through backup and restore, it’s almost working flawlessly!
The restore function works perfect if its for a new user / complete restore. But when you want to restore just the WEB or MAIL part. It doesn’t work? Seems to not restore…
Can be handy if we look into this?

templates on or off.

Since IPv6 isn’t available yet I created templates with the [::]:443 or [::]:80 listen block(NGINX). This works perfect and all websites got IPv6 available.
Now besides my own templates it has a bunch of other “default” templates.
Is it an idea to have the templates turned OFF by default? so we can select the templates to be available to be used?

Include custom config nginx

For some websites I want to edit the security settings like X-Frame-Options | X-Content-Type-Options and others. I was thinking about something like an include or place where I can put a security.conf that gets included automatically? Is this possible in the current folder of the user?

It’s gonna be harder to let a file be automatically created when creating a new website without it getting overwritten if the settings are changed? So it’s just a create one time and that’s it?

Backup mini idea?

I know there are some topics about incremental backups so I just wanted to add; does anyone know if it’s possible to do incremental backup of the current backups? :thinking: it’s a crazy idea I had.

Thanks again for the superb work and lovely controlpanel that’s based on bash :smiley: