Temporary sites not working

I have set up a Digitalocean droplet with Ubuntu 20.04. I have one domain registered and pointing to digital ocean’s nameservers. I installed hestiacp using the host name of the domain but pre-pended with hestiacp (i.e, hestiacp.sampleshed.com). I also set it to port 5600 on install as I read port 8083 has security issues on VestaCP. I then set up a lets-encrypt certificate so I can login to the panel over ssl. So far so good. I now want to move several existing sites which are hosted elsewhere but need to test these using temporary links. I followed the procedure from VestaCp here:


but cannot get it to work. Correct me if i’m wrong but should I be using the public IP address throughout (i.e, the one digitalocean gave when I set up the droplet) or should I be using a private IP address?

Could there be an issue with SSL, firewall or something else?
Can someone please tell me where I’m going wrong as I’ve been stuck on this for 2 days solid now. I am a noob when it comes to networking so please forgive me.


Unless you have modified the templates it won’t work.

I have not modified any of the templates. Can you give me some pointers please on how I can resolve this?

If it is for 1 domain you could add domain.com.hostname.com and try that how ever there could still have issues with for example with Wordpress installs as they will 301 you to the correct domain.

If it is for your self modify your hosts file. For Linux and OS X /etc/hosts for Windows Use Google.

Also for other users/clients modify the templates more information can be found on docs.hestiacp.com