The administrator backup could also copy the plans?

It would be nice if the Admin backup will also copy the plans, etc.

Or is there some way to do it,


Plans are stored as files in a folder. You may copy them.

Where are those files?


Still, it will be fine to copy many config setups with the admin backup.

What would you want to copy?

Firewall config
Fail2ban config
Web hosting templates

This way we can submit a pull request

Don’t think treating admin user backup is the most useful locations to keep those backups.

You don’t need an daily backup of all your config files weekly / monthly basis is probally allready enough

We currently already an backup from each template / package / config file on each upgrade so probably extending to an v-xxx-script should not be an issue
Zip it an place it in /backup/ folder and or upload it to an remote location…

The script is an excellent idea

It would be good that with the ADMIN user, the configuration also saved it, as other panels do.

It doesn’t make sense as we going to kill of the admin user soon…


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