The IP site bundles from VestaCP are not restored

I transfer sites from the old VestaCP server to the new server with Hestia.
The old server had 5 IP addresses associated with it. Each site was linked to one of the IP addresses. Made a backup of all users.
On the new server, I made v-restore-user for all users. But none of the old IP addresses were registered in the Hestia panel. Now all sites are linked to only one new IP.
How to fix it?
It is clear that the new server has new IP addresses. But I was planning in the Hestia panel to change the old IP to the new one only in one place in the " IP " section.

Are the 5 ip addreses defined on the new Hestia server too?

no. I had to manually register 5 IP addresses first, only then do v-restore-user, so that the sites were assigned the necessary IP addresses.

Yes that is the correct order…

If Hestia doesn’t know the ip it will default the the default main ip…

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