Theme for Hestia Control Panel - SquareFlat

It is assumed that you have some prior/minimum knowledge. This will replace the default theme. 5 colors, choose the color you want.


Good work!!!
I think after the new auto update will override your style.


Great job! :heart:

What about convert the HestiaCP GUI to responsive?.

Rewrite of the current UI is in the planning to convert it to a responsive design. But it will also mean we have to rewrite a lot of code… :frowning:

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Need to write a template with 0, I’m not a coder.

What platform do you need responsive design for?

hestia looks beautiful on a full hd monitor.


What for ?

It is a working specialized tool.
And they need to work from a workstation, not a mobile phone.

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How many situations you had, where you just had to check something and havent had any notebook or workstation with you?

I’m purely not a fan of working on mobile, I don’t want to use ssh aswell on it. But if you can do some small and simple tasks on mobile, it would be a good enhancement.


A small warning:

Any changes (Except CSS file) will get overwritten when you update Hestia to a newer version.


3-5 situations, I used RDP for the desktop for this.

Now I always have a laptop with me. For emergencies :slight_smile:

The link does not work - 404. Does it work with the new version 1.4.2?

Got deleted/set private by the owner…

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