Timeout was reached

Hello guys, my provider had some problems with the storage cluster, but according to them everything is working properly now.

Alas, the panel doesn’t work practically now, it’s impossible to log in, I always catch Timeout

I tried to do apt-get install --reinstall hestia

Got an error:

sh: 1: /usr/sbin/sendmail: not found
Error: Timeout was reached

Can you please tell me which way to think? Thank you very much right away)

P.S When I try to enter the panel, I wait a very long time for the authorization interface to load, enter the login, wait again for a very long time, enter the password, the wait begins to enter the OTP, but it always ends with Timeout. And it doesn’t matter if I enter the panel by domain or by ip and port, it is Hestia who gives the long answer. phpMyAdmin works with a slight delay, but works fine.