Tips for version 1.4.0 HestiaCP

It would be nice to be able to include several things in this new version:

  • That in mail domains, the SSL letencrypt could add several aliases such as,

  • That the entire domain could expire, that is, web and mail when the quota reaches its limit of bandwidth and space.

  • That a domain (mail and web) could be expired. Choose if it lasts 1 year, 3 years, etc … and then it is blocked only unless the administrator indicates that it is extended.

  • On the subject of spamassassin, being able to have a spam section to add general addresses or by domains. The same for Whitelist and that you can put which addresses to add to the whitelist. (I have code that can be added to the exim4.conf so that it works when putting spam and white-list domains since by default it only supports IP)

  • Include official dovecot repository to have a dovecot version that does not error in thunderbird labels

It will not make 1.4.0 As that one is almost finished…

Please make an issue / feature request

I don’t think Hestia should enforce Limits by default. For Diskspace quotas does allready exists for data traffic

We should send an warning over email

Use WHMCS or similar product then it is build in by default…

See 1

See 1…

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I thought that being in alpha you can still include things

I have tried to make requests but my English is very bad and I do not know how to do it, if someone can do it for me I would appreciate it. please. I think they are good suggestions that would make hestiacp much more functional

We have now released an “alpha” version allowing user to test and get feedback. When those issues are fixed we will start on 1.5.0…


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