Tolerate capitalization at IMAP login (dovecot)

I switched from cPanel to HestiaCP and heard from users that they can’t login with Outlook. I noticed that they have capitalized some letters of the username (email). Obviously the cPanel settings tolerated this. Can I make Hestia tolerate this, too? (I guess there is a setting in dovecot).
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found it:

In Hestia, config, dovecot:

The default of Hestia is:

auth_username_format = %u

The default of dovecot is:

auth_username_format = %Lu

Latter lowercases the username.

I changed it to the dovecot standard and the test with capitals in email succeeded.

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@eris is it worth upgrading via PR?

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I don’t know. It doesn’t personally make any sense. Because Cpanel allows capital usernames should we also allow it?

That’s not the reason.

The reason is that the final user can try to configure his email client with a capitalized email and since there is no risk in accepting both, we should so that fail2ban doesn’t start getting hits.

And also that those users will be happier.

The cost of that PR is a sed in the update script and a change in that file.


See Allow [email protected] for login via Dovecot/Email by jaapmarcus · Pull Request #3204 · hestiacp/hestiacp · GitHub


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