Trying to find out why mail is being moved


I have Hestia v1.4.12 installed, and I use a 3rd party mail filter exclusively - no spam filtering on the Hestia box at all.

I am trying to figure out why mail being delivered to this box I seem to have some of it that gets delivered to the Junk Mail folder - is this something on the Hestia side itself (in exim or dovecot maybe? sieve - which I do not believe is installed?) or possibly on the rainloop webmail I use (hosted on another box - but sieve not enabled in the admin side).

Really confusing - happening to a number of domains on this box so not isolated. What happens is when we release a message from the digest report it doesnt show up - and ends up in the junk folder instead - which is confusing people using this box.

Any ideas where to look would be appreciated.


EDIT: It seems like it might be in the exim config. Specifically the localuser_spam block. Seems to be checking for presence of a spam flag = yes and if present saves mail to .Spam rather than Inbox. I wonder if I can just comment this block out? Will a future update override my customization?

I think in the past you where able to enable spam filter even if spamassing was not enabled. You should be fine to comment it out.

Thanks @eris . I was able to comment out and the regular rule right after that routed the mail to the user inbox.