Trying to use exim4 user filter (*not* sieve)

Hello. First of all thank you for hestiacp. I am currently evaluating it. I have been using another panel the last 20 years but might need to move.

To maintain the same functionality as I have with the other panel, I would like to use exim4 user filters (not sieve filters, but exim4 filters). I have succes using a systemwide filter (in /etc/exim4/system.filter) but now would like to use user filters. I understand that normally these filters go into the user’s .forward file. I have tried creating one in /home/{paneluser}/mail/{domain}/{mailuser} and one in /home/{paneluser} but both seem to be ignored by exim4.

Does anybody know how to enable the usage of user filters?
Thank you

I have no idea how to do that but, you should not be using an administrator account for that.

Thank you for your concern but I am not. I have edited my message to clarify. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Are you using an administrator account? If that is the case, try with a different user since the admin user has a limited hosting plan to enhance security by not allowing certain services to run under the admin user.

No, I am not. I am using a separate controlpaneluser and a separate mailuser.