Unable to connect to the Hestia APT repository

Hello! Hello! I have this error during installation:

Error: Unable to connect to the Hestia APT repository

Can you help me please?


Please provide us with your OS and Hestia version

Hestia 1.3.2 Ubuntu 18.04. It is a VM in Aruba Private Cloud

@AndreaR You can send an email to [email protected] we are able to look up if your ip is in our ban list.

How ever could be until Monday it is done it weekend over here :slight_smile:

@eris would you mind sharing how an IP can end up with a ban? Too many requests, for example?

The only reason I’m asking this, is just to avoid hitting the ban list on my Hestia test servers, where I may try quite a few installs per day, when trying new things or debugging.

We use Cloudflare and it has some systems to detect if it it needs to block an ip. I do often testing over ATP and so far not had any issues “yet”

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