Update to 1.4.11

I have my VPS set up for Automatic Updates. I understand 1.4.11 is out. But my VPS is still running 1.4.10. So I tried updating from the panel. That did not work so I started an SSH session and did

apt-get update && apt-get upgrade

But settings still shows my version as 1.4.10. Am I doing something wrong??? How can I update to 1.4.11?

Did you recently upgraded your os to a higher version?

No. I am using Debian 10 and the past updates have been automatically applied which is why I am wondering why this update was not automatically applied,

Also, I just checked and now the update to 1.4.11 has been applied. I guess I therefore simply need to wait longer and be more patient. Sorry to bother you. Keep up the great work!

I have several servers all of them update within 6 hours. They don’t auto update at the same time.

Maybe it was just some kind of caching issue.

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