Upgrade Debian from 9 to 10? Or not recommend it at all

Some of my WordPress websites have access problems once a while. I am wondering if it is due to Debian 9 system.

I have just updated/upgraded from 9.12 to 9.13 which seems to make things slightly better. Wondering if I should upgrade from 9.13 to 10.5 and if this upgrade will affect the HestiaCP running on the server. Any advice/comment is appreciated!

BTW, I plan to follow this guide https://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/update-upgrade-debian-9-to-debian-10-buster for the upgrade if it is OK.

As written already in the discord chat: do not test the upgrade on a productive system, make a clone of it as non-productive one, then do the upgrade, note down all steps and verify that all is working properly. After that, you can do the same steps for your productive one, also you will know how long the potential downtime will be. Should be the way number 1 for professional and downtime, aswell as problem less upgrades.

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