Use NGINX with wpsupercache

I was wondering if it is possible to run wp super cache on a NGINX + phpfpm install right out of the box. I did try it on my install but didn’t work. As far as i remember there used to be a template in VestaCP called wordpress2_rewrite that used to work wonderfully on NGINX+phpfpm+worpress setup for caching. How do i get this template to work on hestiacp?

you’ll find some pointers about how to use templates here: Server management — Hestia Control Panel documentation

essentially copy default and adjust to your needs. you could probably look at how it’s done in the vesta template to get an idea and create a hestia compatible version.

if you manage to to get it working we’d obviously like you to share it with the community - much appreciated :wink:

Wee the latest update fixed my issue. The default wordpress template is now supporting cache.

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