Web Server error php 7.4

What a glitch with Web Server php. I had the system version of php 7.4 installed by default, well, all sites fell off after upgrading to 1.6.5. I installed the System 5.6 version and the sites all work stably, but the sites show the php 7.4 version they use. What does it mean ?

Can you make the problem more clear so I can help you?

The problem is this.
1 - General php version costs 5.6
2 - Users and sites have the default php version.
3 - The site is running version 7.4
How?, the general version costs 5.6.
Another example.
1 - General version of php 7.4
2 - the user has a default version of php 5.6.
3 - The site is running version 7.4
again how?
This helped me.
1 - Delivered the general version 5.6
2 - Changed the version to 7.4 for each user and site.
3 - Delivered the general version 7.4. And in this scenario, everything is ok.
4 - I set the default for users and sites and it works 7.4 as expected.

without knowing if there is an error at error log or not so, I think it’s related to your configuration command or something else so please share your Hestia installation command to understand