Webmail ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS: No other system changes than automatic updates

Hi guys,

I think updates did this. Not sure which. VPS was setup earlier this year with webmail tested working. Now after a few months of inactivity, this comes presented when accessing webmail.

Any idea which files to zero in to nip this is the bud? I’m not sure if i can afford to start from scratch, too much data to go thru to backup and re-setup from vanilla. Neither can i wait for next cycle of updates.

I did consider using rainloop but clearly i think it is in the nginx which is alien language to me. Cloudflare is set to full and not strict.

Any and all help appreciated!

Thank you.

This page isn’t workingwebmail.domain.tld redirected you too many times.
Try clearing your cookies.


Disable proxy for a short period on webmail.domain.com and mail.domain.com and check if Lets encrypt is working correctly.