Website giving error

Our website getting this error :

This site is currently suspended

If you are the owner of this site, please contact support for more information.

Even We are not be able to login to the hestiacp. Though we’ve rested the hestiacp root password by the below URL.

Reset the Root Password on a Compute Instance | Linode

Hestia is not the OS, and you normally login on hestia with the admin user-account you created during the installation of hestia.

“Changing the root password on a compute instance” is what is says: changing the root password. Which gives you access to the os, not hestia.

Hello. If you don’t know the basics of server administration maybe hestiaCP is not the right tool for you.

Please read the user manual and the hestiaCP guide first.

There is a cli command in hestia to change the admin password. Look up in Google ‘hestia cli commands’

The hestia administrator is ‘admin’. That is the user you need to login into the panel.


/usr/local/hestia/bin/v-change-user-password admin “newpassword”

To reset your password then login via the pannel with admin / newpassword

And unsuspend the website