What configuration I have with a default install on a Ubuntu 20.04?


Last year, during the summer, I installed HestiaCP with my default settings on an Ubuntu 20.04
Everything works fine, but I would like to write down the exact configuration of my server somewhere so that I can talk about it on other forums as well (for example, here I am going to ask for help to reduce the LCP (Largest Contentful Paint) of my site). Could you tell me how Apache and Nginx etc are configured, I haven’t changed anything sensible on the basic installation.

Thank you.

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In my point of view it’s basically depend on how you code more than backend server config.

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it depends on your site code

/home/user/conf/web here is config nginx and LE cert.

The CP is a convenient managament tool.
Optimization of the web server configuration for the site, this is the developer’s task

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