What is Hestiamail?

So I was trying to add a new IP address and the error shows Hestiamail no such user.

I checked the users in cli and saw Hestiamail .

I added hestiamail in the Users tab and said user already exist.

So I deleted the user in the cli and successfully added the IP address in Hestia

Then all of a sudden all my websites are down and saw that all my PHP services are down and cannot be started. Error logs says its looking for Hestiamail.

I re-added hestiamail and PHP worked.

Then when I added the IP address once again, no more error.

I am a bit concerned when I deleted hestiamail and added hestiamail with my own password now.
What could go wrong next?

hestiamail is a new user added from version 1.8.9 to be used for the php-fpm sockets to fix a security bug.

Could you please show this output? Because I suppose the user has a mail in the comment section and you should remove it, also, the user shouldn’t have a password.

grep hestiamail /etc/passwd /etc/shadow /etc/group

root@hestia:/var/log# grep hestiamail /etc/passwd /etc/shadow /etc/group

You must edit /etc/passwd and remove the e-mail address for hestiamail user (I don’t know whether it was a typo but the comma must be removed too), also, by default it uses /bin/sh instead of /bin/bash:


We need to fix some listing function to exclude the comma have never under stood why v-list-sys-users did it based on grep @…

How ever strapped for time this week :cry:

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I edited my name out of this post to XXXXXXX.
But I guess the comma came from the information asked when adding a user in Ubuntu.

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I did a fresh hestiacp install on a new server and here there is also my email address in the line (passwd file) - is this wrong?

/etc/passwd:hestiamail:x:1001:1001:[email protected]:/home/hestiamail:/bin/sh

No that is fine the above bugs has been fixed …

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