What is the correct order of the steps to migrate (hestia to hestia)?

I’ve migrated a lot of sites between diferent servers (running hestia all of them), but I dont know if I do it in the correct order, because I have a strange issue related with DNS cluster.

All of these server have the same two dns server slaves.

The steps I follow are:

  • Source server: make backup of the account
  • Copy backup to the destination server
  • Pause the account on the source server
  • Restore the backup on the destination server
  • When I have verified that everything works correctly in the destination server, delete the account on the source server, but this sometimes gives me failures with the DNS servers, since it deletes the records in the DNS server.
  • I fix it by doing “v-sync-dns-cluster” on the destination server, but if I do a “v-sync-dns-cluster” on the source server sometime in the future, I get the DNS records deleted again, even though I no longer have that account on that server.

Am I doing something wrong? It is something that I have not done for a long time, and maybe it is something that has already been fixed in the current versions, but I wanted to ask before making a new migration.

Thanks in advance!

Good questions ideally you would need to sync the DNS records after they got deleted from the DNS cluster.

Have no experience with it… -

So if I’ve understood, is better first remove the account (in source server) before restore and sync the account in the destination server?

That method **** due to the above reason if you are unlucky the server might be not reachable for xx min

When i did my migrations for vesta to hestia i had multiple dns clusters . For the vesta side i actually backup first then i removed by using v-delete-remote-dns-host after that i only restore the backups to the new server and recreate the dns cluster.

I made sure to double check the active dns cluster had completely removed the old records before restoring

I think your solution is valid when you want to remove the old server, but if you want to mantain it and only move one (or more) accounts you cannot use “v-delete-remote-dns-host”

Backup the account , delete the user, sync the remote dns to ensure the deleted account dns entries are gone, restore the user in the other server. Sync the dns of that server.

Downtime for this would only be the duration of when u delete and how long it takes to restore from the backup.