What problem is it with installation?

Hello, i am using a small vps 1cp and 1GB Ram. I tried Debian10,11 and ubuntu 22 also. Now i trying to install on debian 11 standard. But since one hour it is stucked on ‘‘extracting package from template: 100%lease wait…’’

is 1 GB ram problem?

or what can be else problem? After one hour it does net get any progress

on freshly installed debian i went through this way:

apt update,
apt install ca-certificates,
wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/hestiacp/hestiacp/release/install/hst-install.sh,
bash hst-install.sh

Yes you are using a small vps it will take a longggg time! i have a small vps for test reasons and with 2gb it took around 30-40 minutes to install the php modules only… :stuck_out_tongue:
try to reinstall without clamav and spamassassin.

Check the requirements in here: