Why restart instead a reload?


I was changing up some stuff on templates… changed a location from an include etc.
When i changed up 1 of the websites web template it shown me error, nginx restart failed.

And i thought wait a minute RESTART? Why o why do we restart nginx if it is not even needed…
To be fair, this causes issues. This way alot of the websites gone down due to nginx restarting. Why don’t we do reload? and if we really need to restart first always first let it reload to see if there are issues?

Manually on command line we always do a config test. Now due to having hestia that is handy for clients to make e-mail adresses etc. when i edit some stuff on templates, includes. it would’ve been handy when someone changes the template they are using it tests the config first.
If it fails then it should just output Error on testing config?
Or we can set a error message would be nice to so it can say something like Error testing config. Contact server administrator.

Hopefully we can set it ourselves if it reloads or restarts:)

Thanks in advance…

Hi @Machiel92

There is already a open issue report which requests config check before restart the services, I’ve expanded it with your part to stick on reload: https://github.com/hestiacp/hestiacp/issues/450

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