Will go crayz again with mails ending in spam folder

This is not only on one server.
I disabled spam on domain level, also set SPAMASSASSIN = no or #SPAMASSASSIN = no in exim conf. But mails are still ending in spam folder even with between internal users.
How is this possible?

No idea, check the related exim mainlog to find out what happens with the email.

I am using mail relay for in and out mail (SpamExpert) but I think it is not related. In logs mails seem to be usual legiminate mail. But still ending in Junk folder.
You think it is only posbbile to be done by spamassian.

as written: you should see in your log how your email is routed (and if it is marked there as spam). This will give you more informations about if and why is your mail landing in spam. Also you could check the mail headers for any entry if you use a external spam service.

I did all those things but no informal thing there.
One more thing, I tried stopping spamassian server but mails generated “Local delivery problem”. It seems exim still using sa… I will try removing spam check lines now.

Hashing out the lines should be enough:

And also both score lines