Will IPv6 support at 0.9.8-29? (Будет поддержка IPv6 в 0.9.8-29?)


Please tell me if IPv6 support on Hestia will be in version 0.9.8-28 version? I just plan to go to another server (hosting) and there is (provide) IPv6.
Скажите пожалуйста будет ли поддержка IPv6 на Hestia в версии 0.9.8-28 версии? Просто я планирую перейти на другой сервер (хостинг) и там есть (предоставляют) IPv6.

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Sorry, we can’t provide russian support, please write in english.


Thanks for the english update :slight_smile:. IPv6 is on the roadmap, but does not have any delivery date yet.



we know already about the implementation from madeITbelgium, we want to implement it in a similar way.