Will IPv6 support at 0.9.8-29? (Будет поддержка IPv6 в 0.9.8-29?)

Please tell me if IPv6 support on Hestia will be in version 0.9.8-28 version? I just plan to go to another server (hosting) and there is (provide) IPv6.
Скажите пожалуйста будет ли поддержка IPv6 на Hestia в версии 0.9.8-28 версии? Просто я планирую перейти на другой сервер (хостинг) и там есть (предоставляют) IPv6.


Sorry, we can’t provide russian support, please write in english.

Thanks for the english update :slight_smile:. IPv6 is on the roadmap, but does not have any delivery date yet.

we know already about the implementation from madeITbelgium, we want to implement it in a similar way.

Just want to provide an update on this, we still have IPv6 support on the roadmap and are aiming for its inclusion in the next major release which follows v0.10.0 should all go according to plan.

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Any better aim almost 1 year later with existing solutions?

Hi @lazyassdeveloper

Currently, there is no preset release date for IPv6 - we do not want to publish a date which then never will be fullfilled. But “at least” I can confirm,that IPv6 is still on the to do list.

I get not being willing to set a deadline for that, but ignoring it for years looks just as bad as failing a deadline. Just my $0.02

We do not ignore IPv6, it’s just a big part to implement which is combined with much work.

As the whole team is working for free and everyone of us has 100% jobs, we try to do our best - but sometimes it can take time, to fullfill such requests.

If you would like to help us out, you’re more than welcome to do so!

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I’m not trying to minimize your efforts, I’m just stating facts.

I get it, it takes time, it’s involved, and I’d love to help but I’m no dev. The most I can do is test things for you I guess?

The other issue is… someone already helped and made IPv6 work years ago - was that inappropriate?

Testing is always welcome, also beeing active in the community and help out other users by answering their requests.

Of course not, this was made for VestaCP - there was also a pull request: https://github.com/serghey-rodin/vesta/pull/11399

Infact we did some changes to the codebase, this would need a complete rewrite and codecheck to be conform with hestia - which is our plan to do. But as I already wrote, it needs the hell of time to do it, including testing, which we would love to have you onboard for it :slight_smile:.

I understand. I’m down to help with any testing needed.

Awesome, I’ll write as soon as we’ve got a test branch ready!

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can you please test the branch with current apache at ubuntu 18.04 64bit? https://github.com/hestiacp/hestiacp/tree/core-sury-apache2

I am happy to receive feedback.

Sury Apache2 has been allready merged with master branch 1 or 2 weeks ago…

See changeling

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Does that mean I should just test master or would you like me to test the branch @Meister ?

This is fantastic.

Then it is sufficient that the master branch is tested. Please test also with disable Proxy Support NGINX and check if htaccess files work correctly and the automatic http to https redirection.

thank you.


@lazyassdeveloper if you still like to help us testing, please checkout the pending tests for Ubuntu 20.04: https://github.com/hestiacp/hestiacp/issues/742#issuecomment-626175930