Wordpress installation using Hestia quick installation failure


So I’ve tried installing Wordpress on a oracle cloud web server using Ubuntu with Hestia and I just can’t seem to get it working.

My domain only shows the what I’m guessing is the default index page, even though I have given permission to the files using SSH with Termius. I’m so confused what I am doing wrong here.

If you see the default index page, then go to the public_html folder and delete index.html

There is no index.html file, only the Wordpress index.php files.

What file do you exactly see?

If the ss works, those files.

When you visit the website what do you see?


This is not our default page… Probally something wrong with DNS

I’m working on registering my own domain, maybe that could help solving the issue.

I’m so confused where it is getting that page, according devtools the source is a index.html file in the public_html folder.

Our “default” page looks like:


So arrange your domain first…

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Okay, I got my domain registered and up using cloudflare.

Then you need to setup your domain correct if you don’t know use google for a tutorial…

I finally got it up and running. Thanks for the help!

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