WordPress Quick Install App results in No tables found in database

On HestiaCP v1.5.3 (Debian 11.2), I setup a new user and web domain, then ask Quick Install to install WordPress. The WordPress files are installed and the database is created without WordPress tables.

Is there another step involved in setting up the WordPress tables?

There is currently a bug when adding an new domain / updating the template to “default”

php -r “echo (float)phpversion();” returns “8” instead 8.0 and php version 8 doesn’t exist.

Made sure it didn’t work. Monday / Tuesday we release a new version.

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Thank you - it seems I need to dial back my enthusiasm for the latest and greatest, in this case PHP 8.1.

Yes, one definitely can’t move too quickly with Wordpress PHP versions. Even when a version of WP is released which can use a certain PHP version, chances are it will be a while before all your plugins will work on it too.

I’m still on 7.x with most of my WP installs.

I agreee. It is better to be a bit slower… Instead on the cutting edge…

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