WordPress "Site Name"

Hey I dont’ mean to complain, but I’m curious. I know that EVERY time without fail, when I am signed in as a user u1037, and then I go to ‘Quick Install’ I have to at that point, already be in the context of SOME web config.

I’ve setup 500 WordPress sites on Hestia in the last 2.5 years. And EVERY site that I touch, i change the value of the ‘Site Name’ to be equal to the NON-WWW version of the URL for that web config.

It would really cool to have more options, like a checkbox in configure that would allow more custromizations for things that we do frequently. If we DON’t get an option to do this automatically, I think that MAYBE we could, on the main ‘Web’ page for a user, I think we could make those 6 buttons a tiny bit LARGER, and I frequently hover over those buttons and expect to see a ‘Tooltip’ for what each button does. Maybe it’s supposed to show up on the Status Bar (which is hidden on my browser). I just have a hard time figuing out those buttons at some point.

And here, I am proposing that we get ONE ADDITIONAL button, and that would take the value of the PRIMARY domain for a web config, and put that TEXT directly onto your CLIPBOARD.

Because right now, I just made 100 websites, and for each of those 100, I copied the value of the prijmary domain, and then I pasted it into the ‘Site Name’ field under Quick Install for WordPress.

I love your software, not trying to be negative.