Www host not working

I have a WordPress site domain.tld and everything is working fine.
However when I type www.domain.tld the request times out…
Looking up in the Nginx conf file, the server_name directive in the http server block seems fine:

server_name: domain.tld www.domain.tld;

Way more to check, is dns running and pointing to the right ip?

Yes, DNS records are in Cloudflare, and there’s a CNAME record for www host

BTW the “Enable domain redirection” is enabled in HestiaCP with the option “Redirect visitors to domain.tld” option…

Without more information I have no idea…

@eris which further information do you need?

@eris how can I troubleshoot this?

Error logs of the domains and so on

Found the problem… it was a cloud-based firewall in front of the server that was blocking something…

Maybe something related to DNS resolution? Port 53 (TCP/UDP) is opened in the firewall… and DNS resolution (dig google.com) is working fine…

Is there any other port I should open?

Found the culprit… the firewall had restriction access rules to HTTP and HTTPS ports.
Setting any IP ( as source IPs solves the problem…

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