1.4.0 Alpha - We need your help!

Hello everyone. Development for 1.4.0 is hopefully coming to an end and for that before we release it to everybody we would like input from more users than only the development team.

Warning: This is an BETA build. Please do not install this package on production systems as it might break current systems! And try it out on a test server that may break if something went wrong.

To install the package:

# Change to root home or any other directory
cd /root

# Download the precompiled packages
wget https://apt.hestiacp.com/beta/hestia_1.4.0~alpha_amd64.deb

# Now install the hestia package
dpkg -i hestia_1.4.0~alpha_amd64.deb

# Cleanup
rm hestia_1.4.0~alpha_amd64.deb

Biggest changes:

For a full change log please check:

Please report any issue/error you find on the Forum, Discord or Github