1 domain email account accessed by other domain webmail

I found an interesting thing in hestiacp mail service,
I don’t know this is feature (intended/untended) or bug.
I have 3 domain and each has mail domain same:
mydomain1.com and webmail.mydomain1.com (for mail login)
mydomain2.com and webmail.mydomain2.com
mydomain3.com and webmail.mydomain3.com
Also each domain has 1 email account:
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
So when I open any webmail domain (eg: webmail.mydomain2.com)
I am able to login and use any email account of any other mail domain (like: [email protected])
So I can login and send email from any account of any domain by any other domain.
I open “webmail.mydomain2.com” then login on “[email protected]” and use it.
There is no restriction like I am only able to login that email account which is come under opened domain mail.
Like: webmail.mydomain1.com can only able to login/open “[email protected]” not "admin@mydomain2/3.com.

So is this feature or bug?

As it is all hosted on the same server it will connect to the same mail server…

Ut should not matter as still uses their own password

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Thanks sir, I also think same in subconscious mind, but not sure so I think let ask here, actually I like this feature. It’s easy to use for me.
Unfortunately I put same password to all accounts “my bad” :laughing: I will change it.
Anyway thanks again for help this quickly.