13: Permission denied error in website error logfile


A few days ago I’ve made a Nginx-MySQL-PHP FPM installation and found in website’s error logfile several “13:permission denied” errors…

2020/06/26 20:08:08 [crit] 28105#28105: *12947 open() “/home/xxx/web/xxx.com/public_html/” failed (13: Permission denied), client: 63.143.42.xxx, server: xxx.com, request: “HEAD / HTTP/1.1”, host: “xxx.com”, referrer: “https://xxx.com

Didn’t find anything regarding this error in this forum, so I started looking up in Internet…

I’ve found several sites that led to a permissions’ error in website folder’s structure…

In fact checking folders permissions I’ve found that the website’s folder had a wrong permissions setting:

drwxr-x–x 9 user:user 4.0K Jun 11 21:47 website.com

The “/home/user/web/website.com” folder has (–x) 751 permissions instead of (r-x) 755!!
Setting 755 permissions solved this issue!

Is this a default setting from Hestia setup?

BTW I’ve found also that the “public_html” folder has by default the same permissions setting:

drwxr-x–x 5 user:user 4.0K Jun 26 09:14 public_html

Do I have to change this as well?


Roberto Jobet

Please try setting

chown user:www-data

This will be implemented in 1.2.0

See https://github.com/hestiacp/hestiacp/pull/866

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HI @eris

Ok, but folder’s permissions shouldn’t be set to 755?


No, you can leave the permission as it is - chown is the right way and will resolve the issue. This change will also be released with 1.2.0.

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