2 ip - email problems

I have a problem. I have to IP in HestiaCP. To first ip set hostname by hosters on s1.slavkos.pl
To second ip hostname not set.

In my hosters for IP1 is set RevDNS to s1.slavkos.pl
In my hostser for IP2 is not set RevDNS.

When i send e-mail from domain (ip 1) i have a very good result in spam test (10/10).
When i send e-mail from domain (ip 2) i have a not bad result in spam test (5/10).

How i can configure hestia?

Make sure reserve DNS is set on both IP …

Also Rewrite completely how we deal with HELO by cmstew · Pull Request #1335 · hestiacp/hestiacp · GitHub

Might be an solution…

i must set RevDNS for 2 ip on s1.slavkos.pl ? i dont understand