525 handshake error cloudflare/letsencrypt

Hello, i get this error from time to time, lat for few minutes then everything is fine.

i use nginx with php fpm. domain and server using letsencrypt and in cloudfare set to SSL full mode.

never had this issue with vestacp and same nginx-phpfpm.

any idea?

See https://community.cloudflare.com/t/community-tip-fixing-error-525-ssl-handshake-failed/44256

Currently use the same setup with out any issues …

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Thanks, i was not able to find any error in logs after having the issue, i dont know about the chiper, i checked in nginx and it looks like they are all there?

I get this random and my uptime monitor tells me, site works 99% of the time but then i have this error random

Hi @habashini,
You can try using the Cloudflare Origin Certificate instead of Letsencrypt one to check if it resolves the error for you.

See https://docs.hestiacp.com/admin_docs/ssl_certificates.html#can-i-use-a-cloudflare-origin-ssl-certificate-with-cloudflare

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