550-Helo name contains an IP address


I have a strange error after upgrade my VPS to Hestia 1.1
When I send a mail to anothers VPSs (I have a few with hestia too, same VPS provider, Hestia 1.1) I receive the folowing error:

host mail.remotevps.tld [xxx.xxx.xxx.xx] SMTP error from remote mail server after pipelined MAIL FROM:[email protected] SIZE=1759: 550-Helo name contains an IP address (HELO was srvxx.localvps.tld) 550 and not is valid

If I send mail to another mail servers (ispconfig for example even in the same provider’s network) no problem.

I check in mail-tester and i have 10/10, with correct value in helo (FQDN of the server). The rDNS is ok too. Even performed a clean installation of Hestia after rebuild the server (restored user backup) and the problem persist.

The only change I note in comparative with other instalations is the order of the line OUTGOING_IP = /etc/exim4/domains/$sender_address_domain/ip in the exim config.

I am lost at this point and have no idea what happend…

Any ideas? Thanks.