A message to developers and everyone


Thank You very much, I really don’t know how I missed to test Hestia before …

Hestia is great and better than any other free tool I used, I was using OLS by the way :grin:

Hestia is faster than it also same user/sec and more after I tested modify some templates

I still learning to do more and this feedback is mainly to thank you :slight_smile: also for everyone to know the truth.

Thank you very much


any one want to convert same as me and need any help just ask me here and I will do my best :slight_smile:

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Sorry, I’m a noob. Did a quick google search but got nothing. What’s OLS?

Open lightspeed

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Hestia beat OLS in speed and total user per sec :slight_smile:
I still learning more and more from you
Thank you very much for Hestia and this much effort you do :heart:

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