A possible error in the hestiacp documentation?

Analyzing the hestiacp documentation and following the instructions it provides, I realized that it has perhaps an important error related to web templates.

You see, for the last few weeks I’ve been trying to create my own custom templates for creating a wiki. And I have been frustrated because it seemed that the changes I implemented in the template were not applied.

And the changes I made were not implemented because the command provided in the hestiacp documentation is incorrect or at least not sufficient:

“v-rebuild-user” is not the command to use if you have made a modification to your custom template and want that change to take effect. I don’t know what that command does exactly, but it doesn’t implement the changes made to the templates.

The command you have to use is “v-rebuild-web-domain user domain.tld”.

I hope the documentation is updated. I think some problems reported in the forum may be due to that small error in the documentation.