A way to exclude public_html from web domains, but not everything else?

Ok, so this may sound a bit weird! Currently I have my backups set with the following exclusions:

This works fine in the extent that it excludes the web/* domains. The problem I have, is that I still want the domains re-created with the SSL, configs etc, when doing a restore. Is there a way to do this? I tried doing a rule such as:




But they just come up with an error about not having enough disk space.

Is there an alternative method I could maybe do, that would backup the user + configs, without all the actual files in public_html (100gb+ worth, which we already backup via another method)




Does that work?

Thanks for the quick reply. Unfortunatly not:

v-backup-user chambres
Error: not enough diskspace available to perform the backup.

Current space on the drive:

df -h ./
Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda 315G 138G 161G 47% /

The actual “chambres” user account is:

/home/chambres/web# du -sh ./
109G    ./

The DBs are quite large too (maybe a couple of Gb)



Looking at the code, I’m not sure there is a way to do it currently?

        # Backup files
        if [ "$BACKUP_MODE" = 'zstd' ]; then
            tar "${fargs[@]}" -cpf- * | pzstd -"$BACKUP_GZIP" - > $tmpdir/web/$domain/domain_data.tar.zst
            tar "${fargs[@]}"  -cpf- * | gzip -"$BACKUP_GZIP" - > $tmpdir/web/$domain/domain_data.tar.gz

I hacked mine by adding in exclude:

        # Backup files
        if [ "$BACKUP_MODE" = 'zstd' ]; then
            tar "${fargs[@]}" --exclude=public_html  -cpf- * | pzstd -"$BACKUP_GZIP" - > $tmpdir/web/$domain/domain_data.tar.zst
            tar "${fargs[@]}" --exclude=public_html -cpf- * | gzip -"$BACKUP_GZIP" - > $tmpdir/web/$domain/domain_data.tar.gz

That seems to do the trick, but will get lost on any update. I’m just trying to decide if there is a better way to do this that is future proof

UPDATE: Oh actually, you do have fargs … I wonder why thats not working



It is working with:

I do the same for my own server…

Ok so doing some more testing. If I exclude:


That works fine. Printing out fargs I get:

--exclude=./logs/* --exclude=public_html/*

So the issue seems to be around the * syntax (for all domains). I’ll do some digging to see if I can find a workaround.

Looks like it sorts that part out

Yeah. The problem seems to be with:

exlusion=$(echo -e "$WEB" |tr ',' '\n' |grep "^$domain:")

Its looking for $domain - which is fine if you put the domain. But its missing the * wildcard for all. I’ve tried playing with:

exlusion=$(echo -e "$WEB" |tr ',' '\n' |grep "^$domain|\*:")

But that doesn’t work :confused:

We need to include in the check if * is used we should select the domain always…

Yeah. It works if we do:
echo -e "*:public_html" |tr ',' '\n' |grep "^\*:"

But not with the |:

echo -e "*:public_html" |tr ',' '\n' |grep "^foo.com|\*:"

Do I need to escape something? I’ve tried wrapping it:

echo -e "*:public_html" |tr ',' '\n' |grep "^(foo.com|\*):"

But still no joy

UPDATE: I got it :slight_smile:

exlusion=$(echo -e “$WEB” |tr ‘,’ ‘\n’ |grep “^$domain|*:”)

Looks like I needed to escape | as well. I’ll see if I can create a PR for it for review (just trying to remember how I did the fork last time ;))



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Please go ahead

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PR submitted :slight_smile:

The problem still exists around the “not enough disk space”, so I have to comment that out. I’m not sure what a better solution would be.

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Looking at it - there are more places that could do with this tweak as well. This also fixed the disk space calculations as well (as its correctly ignoring public_html when working out the required space). I just did a tweak to the file, but my editor changed all of the tabs to spaces! Now I’ve fixed that but I’m trying to work out how to edit my file before submitting that

Hmmnm I can’t figure it out. There are weird things going on when I compare:

You can see my modified file here:

I’m not sure where its getting the |\ stuff in the file comparison?

Ok so it got late last night, so picking up again today. It looks like something didn’t quite happen right:

v-restore-user chambres chambres.2023-01-26_05-16-01.tar

-- WEB --

-- MAIL --
2023-01-26 06:39:22 cdn-org.e-reserve.org
2023-01-26 06:39:23 chambresdhotes.org
2023-01-26 06:39:55 resa.chambresdhotes.org

-- DB --
2023-01-26 06:39:57 chambres_community
/backup/tmp.zVr79uU6OC/db/chambres_community/chambres_community.mysql.sql.zst: 4                                                                                                                                                             52828034 bytes
2023-01-26 06:40:14 chambres_links
/backup/tmp.zVr79uU6OC/db/chambres_links/chambres_links.mysql.sql.zst: 5884334498 bytes

-- CRON --
2023-01-26 06:51:09 0 cron jobs

2023-01-26 06:51:09 fix_property_types.log
2023-01-26 06:51:09 .npm
2023-01-26 06:51:09 move-mobi-to-https
2023-01-26 06:51:09 .vscode-server
2023-01-26 06:51:09 .wget-hsts
2023-01-26 06:51:09 make-new-villages-live.cgi
2023-01-26 06:51:09 .bash_history
2023-01-26 06:51:09 category_structure.log
2023-01-26 06:51:09 .ssh
2023-01-26 06:51:10 remote-backup.sh
2023-01-26 06:51:10 .bashrc
2023-01-26 06:51:10 closest_towns.log
2023-01-26 06:51:10 update_distances.log
2023-01-26 06:51:10 .profile
2023-01-26 06:51:10 modules.cgi
2023-01-26 06:51:10 build-changed.sh
2023-01-26 06:51:10 .composer
2023-01-26 06:51:10 .local
2023-01-26 06:51:10 description_urls.log
2023-01-26 06:51:10 remote-backup.sh.bak
2023-01-26 06:51:10 export-local-csv-files.sh
2023-01-26 06:51:10 test.cgi
2023-01-26 06:51:10 copy-site.sh
2023-01-26 06:51:10 symlinks.txt
2023-01-26 06:51:11 build-all.sh
2023-01-26 06:51:11 counters.log
2023-01-26 06:51:11 .cache
2023-01-26 06:51:11 nohup.out
2023-01-26 06:51:11 learn-spam.sh
2023-01-26 06:51:11 update_search_sorts.log
2023-01-26 06:51:11 .config
2023-01-26 06:51:11 dbs
2023-01-26 06:51:32 backup
2023-01-26 06:51:32 .bash_logout

I’m just having a look to see if I can work it out. Maybe something needs tweaking in v-restore-user, to the same effect of what I changed in v-backup-user? (i.e around the * )?

Interestingly, actually, it looks like it DID work… but the bit missing is in the /conf folder?

I found the problem - but I can’t figure out how to get around it. Basically, we have:

		# Define exclude arguments
		exlusion=$(echo -e "$WEB" | tr ',' '\n' | grep "^$domain\|\*:")
		set -f
		if [ -n "$exlusion" ]; then
			xdirs="$(echo -e "$exlusion" | tr ':' '\n' | grep -v $domain)"
			for xpath in $xdirs; do
				if [ -d "$xpath" ]; then
					echo "$(date "+%F %T") excluding directory $xpath"
					msg="$msg\n$(date "+%F %T") excluding directory $xpath"
					echo "$(date "+%F %T") excluding file $xpath"
					msg="$msg\n$(date "+%F %T") excluding file $xpath"
		set +f

In my case, $exclusion is: *:public_html

What I guess it needs to do, is replace * with $domain if it exists in the string. Doing a test this works:

sed "s/\\*/foo/g" <<< *:public_html

But in the bash script it doesn’t:

sed "s/\\*/$domain/g" <<< $exlusion

I’ve tried * , just *, etc. I’ve even tried it as:


Yet it remains as *:public_html.

Any pointers? As mentioned before, bash isn’t my programming language :slight_smile:

Ok I got it!

			if [[ "$exclusion" =~ '*' ]]; then

I’m still playing with it to see if this actually works this time (its a 5gb backup, so takes a while to download from the live server, put up on the new one, and try a restore :)) (there is also a typo in that script - excusion should be exclusion - which is where part of my problem came from and I was doing the replacement on $exclusion

I’ve cancelled the old branch (to get rid of all the weirdness that happened yesterday), and just created a new one with the correct changes. It all looks in order now :slight_smile: Hopefully someone can give it a go and push it through. I’ve tested it my end and it works perfectly now for the web folder exclusions :sunglasses:

Although, I’m not sure if this is normal for a submission?

No it doesn’t look like:

But this should work: