Ability to point new domain on existing


I think this is possible with cPanel. What I want is the ability to park/point another domain over existing one. For example: now if we want to create a domain it will create a separate directory example.com. So, if I would like to share the same code with other domain then I’ll require to create an alias of example.com but in my new domain example2.com has separate SSL certificate. I know this can be done by doing customized configuration file but will be helpful if can do automatically. So, what I want is to share other domain’s public_html with new one under same username.

Thank you!

As long u want to view D2 name but rendering D1 files, possible but cant use SSL.
As long as there is no real directory for D2, Where u will render SSL for D2 ?

Isn’t it possible to use same directory of other domain for SSL? I don’t think so. SSL don’t require a separate directory. It just need to add configuration in Nginx & Apache. It’s nothing about directory I think as long as the directory is valid & accessible by Nginx.

You can create a web domain and create a new template


And modify the document root to /home/user/web/domain1.tld/public_html

You may also try to delete /home/user/web/domain2.tld/public_html/ and create a symbolic link to it.

How ever didn’t try it!


WoW! Thank you! I’ll try it. But hope in future hestiacp will have this feature

For feature request, please use our github project: https://github.com/hestiacp/hestiacp/issues/new

We will discuss it then within the team and decide if we want/can implement it or not. You also have the option, to send us a pull request - then the change gets mostly implemented directly :slight_smile:.

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Can’t remember how Direct Admin implement it currently But technology it shoudn’t be hard. Used it in the for a multi site Wordpress setup.

Please create an feature request for it…

I have opened issue here: https://github.com/hestiacp/hestiacp/issues/867


Yes, I am looking for similar purpose. My case multi sites for Joomla & Moodle.