Abour post Proper uninstall

The post closed by Eris contains a very dangerous command that should be fixed.

I couldn’t find an easier way to try a warning about this other than opening this one.

The command sudo rm -R /usr/share/ phpmyadmin/tmp
with wrong space will destroy everything under /usr/share.
That is, libs necessary for the functioning of the server.
It happened to me.

First of all there is no “proper” uninstall function and what the user typed will not help you. If want to uninstall clear / wipe your server…

I’m just saying it helped, because after that I was able to install Hestiacp as many times as I wanted.

I’ve been using these commands for a long time too. Of course you have to pay attention, but it worked. Unfortunately, it wasn’t prescribed for me now, and it was lost when you deleted it, but I’ve used the commands at least 10 times and there were no problems. I’m also modifying a server, but reinstalling a complete server machine would stop everything else that basically doesn’t stop with these commands. (Game server, vps, etc…)

I would appreciate it if you could send me a private message so I can save the commands. Thanks.

You should never install Hestia on a server where other services are running on.

And you are never able to complete remove Hestia due to all the traces that are left behind in the packages…

With one server machine and 1 IP address, it was difficult not to operate Hestia together with the other services. (No vps) OWN Dedicated servers.