About forum post history

When we edit a post it shows the orange icon and previous history. Same for deleted post, not sure if the deleted message disappears after certain time.

Problem with the history is if anyone posts a message and realize they forgot to remove their ip, hostname, password or something that didn’t wanted to reveal. They edit the post but still that information is there.

If the editing history visibility can be limited to OP and mod staff that will be better.

Not posting your credentials on a public is an even better strategy. Even if the post history was restricted to a limited future audience, any previously exposed credentials would need to be treated as compromised and altered immediately regardless of the duration of the exposure.

IPs aren’t secret and if you expect your vistors to find your site, you already publish them in DNS.

We all make mistakes specially when copy pasting something. No one would post their password on public forums.

IP and siteurl or any other information is upto user if they want to share or hide for various reasons, not just because it’s not private information.
Like an email address maybe I posted some logs that included my email its not secret but I want to hide it.

The internet is forever. The only chance you have to not publish information that you prefer to keep to yourself is via judicious review prior to publication. Once you click submit, all bets are off. Asking volunteers to subject themselves to undue burdens to compensate for your carelessness seems selfish and entitled.

Patience and editing will take you further in life.

If we follow your logic then we don’t even need edit or delete button. Once posted no changes allowed.

I posted in the Site Feedback category because it’s my feedback. I don’t know why you are arguing about this. You have not made any argument why this feature is useful on this forum, its not like fb or yt or some social media where people are editing their post for spamming or something.

I don’t want to further argue with you, it’s unnecessary.

I am not burdening anyone. I have only shared my feedback in the appropriate forum and it’s a request.

It’s just a setting in discourse forum to allow or not post revision history nothing too complicated. Hestia staff can implement if they like, completely upto them. I am not making any demands here.

Wow you think I am selfish and entitled for this :pray: It’s just a forum setting you don’t need to code a plugin or staff needs to manually remove history.

There is an option to enabled / disable it.

Will put in the team chat to discuss it

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Every one makes mistakes and if you post a log history and don’t want your public ip on a forum for example you should be able to edit.

Or just an typo…

@eris Thank you :slight_smile:

@linkp May be there was some confusion. Don’t think I was making a very unreasonable request.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas

I’m not running a Discourse instance and as such I don’t spend a substantial amount of time staying current on all of the possible managerial options. You didn’t initially share the information about it being an existing feature, so that only would have been obvious to you.

That’s not what I said or even implied. Editing is still useful for legibility, especially in the age of autocorrect. Even with the feature you referenced enabled, it is still prudent to consider erroneously posted information as compromised.

I am glad that the feature you seek can be easily implemented, and believe it or not, I am happy for you that the forum staff are willing to consider your request.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to you, too.