About overwriting files

Is it possible for Hestia to overwrite the original file with the same name when uploading the file?

You mean with the file manager? I suppose so.

Yes, that means a file manager.

Okay, go to your domain’s public_html folder and create or upload test.txt with the following content:
“The contents are not overwritten”
Then create a new test.txt in your computer with the following text:
“The contents are overwritten”

Then copy the second test.txt into the public_html folder and then see what happens.

Even if I made test.txt and wrote “The contents are overwritten” and uploaded it, the file could not be overwritten.
I may have misunderstood something.

I am sure you can’t just overwrite a already existing text file. Only editing is allowed…

Can’t I upload a file and overwrite it?

Apparently not but you may connect via SFTP.

I guess that if you unzip a file the files will be overwritten. You can test it the same way I told you before.

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No in the filemager it checks if the file exists and probably not overwrite probably a limitations for the file manger.

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I was able to connect from SFTP using my username, and I’ll be able to overwrite the file.
Thank you very much. I will also use SFTP.

Is there a config file where we can change the default behavior?

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I don’t know…

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